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HMS e-business suite

HMS e-business suite® is stemmed from a global vision of the expected company model, it aims at getting profit from an applicative architecture that is founded on the most fitting technologies to reply to the actual and future needs of the company.

HMS e-business suite® is a complete solution that is conceived to allow you to show around better your company, its ability to treat simultaneously many modes of management and its ease to be taken in hand make it addressable to the demanding and concerned companies that like to better their management level.

HMS e-business suite® represents an open and developed system that is able to multiply the value of your actual and future investments.

Boost your sales...

HMS e-business suite® adapts perfectly to the needs and demands of customers whatever is their activity center due to its parameters powerful possibilities. This solution assures the management of all the processes of sales administration: from order to the invoicing, integrated to the finance modules, stock and logistics, HMS sale boosts the group of financial and logistics volumes of the company.

Significant amelioration of the sale strength…

HMS e-business suite® is flexible and easy to use. It responds to all the sales problematic that are linked to small, medium and big companies. You can follow your expenses by an established and provisional planning and you can save time and money in your sale processes due to well-thought functions

Significative amelioration of the stock strength...

HMS e-business suite® brings a solution to this problem through integrated sales and stocks modules.
Appointing the preferred providers, shopping information that are detailed for the inventory articles, packs and sites management, automatic generation of reservations, recommendations and sale estimates are among the functions that allow at this phase of process to better significantly your company profit.

Create your production in security…

HMS e-business suite® is conceived to increase your efficiency and to boost your productivity due to its completely integrated volume of work In the workshop, an extremely detailed production check-in permits the clear vision and the precise checking of all the process phases.

Managing the maintenance is to plan, to check in and to anticipate…

HMS GRM, natively integrated in the rest of modules takes into hands the maintenance function group : since the intervening demand to the maintenance analysis. HMS GRM responds to its customers pending : maintaining the good functioning of materials and installations and assuming their availability, drawing maintenance actions, analyzing, helping to decide. All this is done with perfect adjustment to the other ERP domains.

Managing the human capital…

HMS GRH is especially conceived for Human resource manager (pay manager, social management checker in, training responsible and human resources director) enables to manage all the management steps of pay and human resources, whatever is the activity nature and its height (RH following, wage mass, analysis of contribution charges, carrying out training plans...)

Accountancy adapted to the management imperatives…

Expanded from accountant and financial management to the covering management, HMS e-business suite® accompany the PME in their daily and in their problematic such as the client risk or the evaluation of the company commercial and financial performance.

A permanent vision of your financial resources status…

HMS e-business suite® allows you to enter unlimited writings and to analyze easily the treasury status and your budget. It is easy to access and to use it, you can find out your writings in a precise way: date, deal, third, description, entrance-exit, total….

Hence, you can check and post, month by month, all the financial transactions. The balance is calculated by writings and is globally posted for the coming month …

Better the efficiency and the effectiveness…

  • HMS e-business Suite includes:
  • Quality management
  • Human resources management
  • Material resources management
  • Products management
  • Providers management
  • Clients management
  • Cost Quality Obtention C.Q.O

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