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HMS HRMS is especially conceived for Human Resource manager (pay manager, social management checker in, training responsible and human resources director) enables to manage all the management steps of payment and human resources, whatever is the activity nature and its height (RH following, wage mass, analysis of contribution charges, carrying out training plans...)

HMS HRMS is a collaborative solution developed to help the managers and the employees in their daily activities due to processes of vacation demands and the management of expenses notes. With a quick, efficient and easy way, you can directly get the key indicators necessary for showing around the human resources and you will have the legibility to witness the evolution of salaried mass, persons size and training...

Administrative management

Accompanying, facilitates the recruitment process

HMS HRMS covers the complete cycle of recruitment. It permits the employers to manage effectively all the phases, from the need expression to the recruitment decision going by the competences evaluation through attached pieces.

Adapt your training evaluation to your organization:

  • Identifying the needs for training
  • Fulfillment of a training plan
  • Training evaluation

Gain with reliability and reactivity

HMS HRMS allows you to delete the multiple manual grabbing to develop the productivity of your employees by making the collected data reliable.

The function « clocking in and out management » allows to follow the presence, delays, absences, and the management of all types of timetable (teams shift, night work...), costs calculation, hours to pay, additional hours…

Adopting competences management policy

A competence can be defined as the group of knowledge that are in action to fulfill the company daily tasks.

  • Competence characterizes the ability to do (judge and evaluate)
  • Competence can be attributed to a person as recognition of his abilities. It can be used to characterize a position needs or a mission.

Managing Vacations in security

HMS conceived a management software of staff that allows the management of human resources to arrange the personal information on every company worker. The application has to enable the management and the following of the workers vacation demands.

Mastering the impact of the employees' absences…

The absence management HMS gives a great visibility and a checking on all the absence aspects of employees. HMS allows to supervise, analyze, measure and manage the causes, the effects and mainly the cost and the implications of absence on productivity.

Managing the staff careers

It is about an advanced management where every employee has access according to his competences evolution and through internal promotions to the most complex positions. Careers management is an essential element of HRMS to make the staff loyal.

Social Management

Developing new tools of social performance

HMS HRMS is positioned as a specialist to whom you can delegate a part or the whole social management of your enterprise. HMS HRMS is concerned with social, environmental and economical preoccupations that enter in the company interaction with the staff, staff representatives, and partners.

Managing the staff loans

HMS HRMS allows the management of all the types of loans. It is enough to define the parameters of every type of loan (code, interest rates, TVA rates...) It is possible to manage an unlimited number of files per agent and to effectuate credit encouragement before the final approval of the loan, to determine monthly installment and suitable period.

Medical followings

HMS HRMS manages the medical file of every employee with a lot of visits, doctors, the characteristics that you wish. Every agent has his complete historic, abilities, remarks, restrictions. You will notice the different practiced exams, associated cost and you can get an annual balance sheet paper, centre, nature, exam, abilities.

Management of the work accidents

HMS HRMS allows arranging in real time the useful data to make the work accidents management and professional diseases in the enterprise reliable.

Management of interims

  • Interim contract
  • Interim card
  • Interim allocation
  • Interim locking in and out checking
  • Interim of absence and delay
  • Interim departure

Make pay …in security

HMS HRMS has a simple and practical module of pay that will allow you to make your pay slip, manage your employees and gain time in doing the administrative tasks.

  • Pay heading
  • Calculate formula
  • Pay profits
  • Bonus
  • Source detention

To know more

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