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HMS MRMS, Material Resource Management System, facilitates the material resources administration along the life cycle which allows you to minimize the exploitation and investment expenses. It consists of planning, organizing, checking and evaluating the material resources management in order to take well informed decisions, to avoid the useless contract purchasing and by the end to ameliorate the global efficiency.

With HMS MRMS, you will master the physical, financial and contract aspects of material resources either they are on site, virtual or in the Cloud to benefit from an integral view of your material park.

Maintenance Management

HMS MRMS and in order to guarantee a quality of production in the best conditions of global cost, proposes a modular software that permits the maintaining and the good functioning of equipments by planning and executing the preventive maintenances by taking in charge the predictive maintenances with the best economy of medium employees.

Equipments management

Equipments management replaces notebook instructions and checks the good use of your equipments in function of your job logics.

Planning management

The management of planning is an essential tool for the good organization of time. It functions in real time. It permits the user to plan the preventive interventions of its agents and its equipments and to visualize them.

Stocks management

Stocks management is a function located in the heart of our GMAO that permits to:

  • Follow E /S shop
  • List the stock
  • Keep the stock historic
  • Supervise the levels
  • Edit the stocking demands
  • Manage repaired pieces
  • List the spare pieces

Purchasing management

HMS MRMS allows to manage multi-companies and multi-devise features with a great simplicity.
Interfaces with accountant systems or ERP to enable an easy data exchange to avoid double grabbing.

Management of Wheeling Park

Opened to other applications, HMS MRMS is conceived to be adapted to your activity
Either you are coach or automobile mender, either you have a breakdown activity or a transport activity whatever you are a company owning cars park…. we have the management solution that meets your needs.

HMS MRMS offers a complete management solution that is reliable and adapted to the responsible to record, manage and advise effectively and rapidly all the related information to the cars park and to cover your needs for the management of detached pieces to a tool of advanced statistics on the consuming costs.

Vehicle cards

It is an easy management to the group of vehicles in your cars park. It is about identifying your vehicles in the system and to supply the different modules.

The vehicles classification can be done according to well-chosen criteria. Any time, you can examine the different data: (technique, consuming, preventive upkeep…)

Driver management

  • Ameliorate security, bring an adapted answer to transporters adapted to the constant evolution of vehicles
  • Management of the drivers personal information
  • Management of the communication drivers
  • Management of affectations
  • Management of missions orders
  • Management of reservation

Technical cards

Either you are an enterprise responsible, a fleet manager, accountancy service, garage chef, responsible of the technical centre, HMS MRMS will bring to you all the information that you need to improve the use of your fleet of vehicles and to reduce the costs.

Maintenance cards

Maintenance constitutes the heart of the system HMS MRMS; We subscribe all the interventions related to the vehicle upkeep. We can introduce the new invented pieces, the job to do on the vehicle. The time needed to realize the work is the same as pertinent commentaries.

Management of incidents

Management of incident of HMS MRMS will release you from the administrative, financial and logistics constraints of the fires following. HMS MRMS enables the good making of all tasks related to the systems of fire management, from declaration to regulations.

Insurances management

Your automobile park is important and you wish that it has an insurance program, at the level of costs and management you will find the solution in HMS MRMS solution.

Energetic following

For the fleet of road transport, knowing the expenses of fuel is important. Hence, establish means to check the perfect management of consumption.
Equipped with HMS MRMS, every vehicle can be followed accurately.

Spare pieces management

It is an inventory module that gives access to the information in different items; it enables to record commands and to adjust the quantities and the products prices.

Alerts management

In order to guarantee a good intervention in the good time, HMS MRMS assures a vigorous following of reminders for the upkeep of every vehicle in its class function. The reminder points are individually defined in terms of days and distance.

It also presents proactive alarms that permit to different managers to be informed automatically about the actions to accomplish. The printing of preventive upkeep reports is possible any time.

Planning management

In our days, making a progress in a transport company is not simple. That's why, planning is the essential tool for your enterprise prosperity. The planning module in HMS MRMS is conceived to master the administrative management of the job.

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