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HMS Steros

Steros® is a drawing system of surgical instruments and medical device reused in a sterilization centre. It allows guaranteeing hospital establishments a transparent image of the instruments park, a detailed view of prices and a constant development of investments.

Reliable, complete and intuitive, Steros® permits you to:

  • Be certain that we have the good instrument in the good box and in the good time.
  • Be sure that this instrument is not for use before its ornament composition
  • Master the infecting risks and contaminations
  • Obtain a precision in the plateau composition in a time record
  • Achieve productivity and quality profits in the complete process.
  • Concentrate on the development within the job instead of wasting time in search of a lost instrument
  • Obtain at any time a complete inventory of the sterilized and non –sterilized instruments and stock and their values
  • Find and localize easily the instruments suspected of nosocomial infection
  • Develop purchasing and the instruments maintenance
  • Modernize with an economic and comfortable manner the work frame
  • Develop the process of instruments management by assuring a good literature
  • Create a solid database for the patient's security and being in conformity with legal and standard demands.

HMS has ultramodern technologies of job and scientific expertise in order to guarantee its clients, healthcare actors, the most innovative high-tech solutions.

HMS associates to its professional software offer a group of services that enable to boost your investment and to guarantee the estimated result of the project:

  • Advice in organization
  • Installation , making parameters and seating up Steros®
  • Identifying and noting the instruments park
  • Technical and functional training of Steros® users
  • Providing materials and consumption
  • Accompanying, product maintenance and Hot Line support

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