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HMS Business Solutions

HMS Business solutions is an editor and integrator of its ERP, HMS e-business suite, which is for small, meduim and great companies.

HMS Business Solutions provides solutions of information management with a deep understanding of the commercial and technological dimensions to defy the information problems. Our approach of information management includes the creation of an organization based on the integration as well as the management of all the information actors necessary for planning and managing a high performant organization.

The jobs in focus of the pole are :

  • Advice in management :
    • Strategy advice
    • Change manipulation advice
    • Logistics management advice
  • Edition and integration of information system :
    • Development of systems according to the professional needs
    • Integration of standard solutions
    • Transformation in the information systems of architecture and spreading mode
    • Scientific development around standard solutions (ORACLE e-business, Adonix x3)
    • BI solutions
  • Infomanagement :
    • Partial applying maintenance (Application Management)
    • Externalization of jobs processes
  • Technical Assistance :
    With a great functional richness that concerns the functional domains of the company :
    • ERP : Entreprise Resource Planning
    • WMS : Warehouse Management System
    • CRM : Customer Relationship Management
    • MMR : Management of Material Resources
    • HRM : Human Resources Management
    • FRM : Financial Resources Management
    • QMS :Quality Management System
    • EMD : Electronic Management of Documents
    • HMS Tracking :Global solution of marking and tracking
    • BI : Business Intelligence (situations,analysis)

HMS chose a verticalization policy to meet the specific needs of other sectors like packaging,health,agriculture,BTP and other jobs

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