Collaborator Customer


The expertise of our intervened trainers

Our trainers have a solid experience in the competence domains and they decided to transmit their know-how with passion.

Training quality

We have the distinctive feature to suggest a training programme adapted to the needs of our clients. Our objective is to train the person in the aim to make him competitive in the chosen domain.

Personalized courses

If you like to carry out a training, we take into account the competences that you search to acquire, the time that you arrange for this and a knowledge balance sheet is suggested by the trainer at the beginning of the training in order to boost his education.

An operational direction

The presentation of concepts and techniques is permanently compared to their practical application. Group works, cases studies, exercises are stemmed from the company experience of the collaborators.

Rigorous organization

HMS Academy likes to be an example in designing and its trainings organization. Each course is made up to boost the pedagogical enrollment. Every subject is structured in a way to permit regular progress.